Thunder Ridge Records





Kristina Stykos started Thunder Ridge Records in 2005 from her rural recording studio: Pepperbox Studio in Vermont. She is a music producer, recording engineer, podcaster, performer, writer and musician.  Her whole operation runs off-the-grid, utilizing solar, wind and generator power exclusively. 

Kristina has always been a songwriter (since 4th grade) and alienated renegade in the music world. She rarely collects accolades but keeps writing songs and making records anyway. Once in a while, someone does a write up. Kristina was awarded the “Best Songwriter of 2013” by Vermont's Times Argus, for her release "Wyoming Territory". This album was supported in its development by the Ucross Foundation & Brush Creek artist residencies of Wyoming. One more recent good review came out in Seven Days. It was nice of music editor Dan Bolles to refer to "Horse Thief" as "...the songwriter's latest, and likely greatest, record." (seriously) but she is not dead yet.

Her other recent albums include two collaborative projects, Beautiful Blood (2013) with singer-songwriter Steve Mayone of Brooklyn NY, and Raven (2011) co-produced with Grammy-nominated pianist Philip Aaberg of Montana.. New collaborations with Val McCallum (Jackson Browne band) and Ariel Zevon (that's right, Zevon) are in the works. Stay posted for her upcoming 2017 and 2018 releases. 



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